Youth Performing Arts Contest

Calling all Youth Performing Artists!!


Youth Arts Forum Challenge for June 2010

youth performing arts

Cash and other prizes and an invitation to the next YAF kids helping kids concert in NYC. Winners may also be invited to the AV Factory for a recording session of your original music>>

All entries accepted. Choose one or multiple songs for entry

I have chosen several “covers” that I challenge you to perform with your rendition for the world to see and hear. It is the extensive talent and abilities that I see in each of you as performers that should make this a very interesting challenge. Good luck

Email all entries as mp3 or videos or you can mail a CD to

Youth Arts Forum

103 Fifth Avenue #10

Pelham, New York 10803

An Empire State on Mind (A Keys)

A Long December (County Crows)

The Scientist (Coldplay)

Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)




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It's easy to get the video to us. Send all entries via youtube, mp3's to or even mail cd's or dvd's to the company at 103 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, NY 10703 USA.. After we review them we will notify you if they will be placed on the YAF site and then we will notify the winner. Good luck and have fun with this contest.  Barry

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